Exness Personal Area

Exness Personal Area is the user's personal account where he performs all the actions related to trading on the platform. Through it, the trader makes deposits and withdrawals, creates accounts and accounts, changes profile settings. We will learn how to work with Exness login area.

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Login Exness Personal Area

To login Exness Personal Area, click on the Sign In button at the top of the official website. This will open the login form, where you should enter your registered e-mail and password. This is all that the user needs to do. 

After that, the client, by clicking on Continue, go to the cabinet. There he works with a comfortable menu:

  • My accounts - all Exness accounts, which the trader has.

  • Deposit - form for depositing funds

  • Withdrawal - withdrawal form

  • Analytics - fresh analytics on accounts

  • Monitoring - transaction tracking

  • Transaction history - list of all completed transactions

  • Bonuses - bonus status is tracked

  • Partnership - participation in the Exness partnership program

  • Social trading - monitoring other traders

  • Education - educational articles

  • Settings

Managing Exness Personal Area

The client can work very flexibly with his account. There are only 4 things you cannot change:

  • Account Type

  • Account Currency

  • Account Email

  • Secret Word

To change these settings, you will need to create a new account and set the necessary settings.

On the other hand, you can change them at any time:

  • Password 

  • Personal Information 

  • Security measures - switch from email security to phone security

  • Notification settings 

All these changes in the Personal Area you can find under the Settings. 

In your trading account, you can change the settings:

  1. Leverage 

  2. Nickname

  3. Read-only access

  4. Trading password

  5. These settings are changed in the My Accounts section.

Exness Personal Area2


Benefits of Exness area

Personal cabinet allows the trader and investor to work on financial markets with maximum benefit. Exness provides many financial instruments: currencies and cryptocurrencies, energy, stocks and indices, metals. The largest assortment is in the sections of currencies and metals, as the broker specializes in these areas.

You save money thanks to low spreads and fast execution of orders. Exness software is configured for 24/7 trading. With the help of mobile applications, you get constant access to trading. 

Transparent and detailed statistics, transaction history, analytics and monitoring allow you to make informed decisions quickly. Exness is the only broker that provides access to the price history on its platform. And this is valuable information.


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